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So you want to create a CV online but you are not sure where to start. Well the good news is that we are going to show you how to create a CV online by building your own CV personal profile and best of all it’s free! By using CV templates we will help you create the perfect CV for free. We will show you some really great examples of free CV templates, which will assist you in building your personal profile and help point you in the right direction as to where you should start if you want to make a CV online. CV writing isn’t as easy as many people would think. Lets face it until someone has actually had to build a CV there would be no reason as to why you would possess any experience in this field. So let us briefly explain what this document actually is. It is going to contain your personal details, job experience and skills, past achievements and an overview of you as a person together with your own unique CV personal profile. What is very important to remember is that it is completely pointless just slapping it together without considering its content seriously. It is also important to remember that when your CV arrives on a potential employers desk it will be the very first document that the reader will see to begin building a mental picture of the face behind it so you must think about CV creation very carefully.

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Firstly many people make the mistake when creating their CV profile of overloading its contents. By this we mean including everything that they have done from the day that they left school to the present day (CV profiles are not a history of your life!). Does the employer really care whether you worked in the local paper shop in between going to University and starting your studies or that you did a bit of voluntary work for the Scouts in the summer holidays. Not likely – these details contained in your online CV will have no bearing on the position you are applying for. Secondly by including unnecessary content in your CV you will distract the eyes of the reader away from the important issues that you want them to consider. You have to remember that this document needs to stand out from the crowd and the chances are your CV is not going to be the only one sat on a desk in front of the employer. Badly written CV’s with spelling mistakes, poor grammar and punctuation make skim reading difficult (and believe me if the employer has two hundred CV’s to get through in a small space of time skim reading is how he or she will do it!). So, it is very important to make sure that you take time in creating your CV, get it right, go back and check it when you have finished, then check it again, then give it someone else to check it! You would be surprised what you can miss when you have read something over and over again. Oh and by the way – just because you have all the relevant experience needed for the job, you consider yourself to be the right person who would fit in well with the companies culture and that they would be missing out if they didn’t offer you an interview, it wont count for anything if the potential employer misses your CV just because its poorly written, time is precious to all employers and they wont spend time on a CV review if they cant read it properly. With a little guidance behind you now you are ready to create your CV. So here are a few areas you may wish to consider when compiling your CV:

  • Think about the job you are applying for, what is the employer looking for in a candidate to fill this position? Emphasise on these points.

  • State recent events in your career and personal achievements, as we mentioned earlier there is no point including things that happened 20 years ago.

  • Compile the information in a clear and precise manner; don’t waffle on just state facts. Just because you have chosen to make a free CV you don’t have to go overboard.

  • Don’t use fancy fonts, colour or any other gimmicks, regular black; Times New Roman font is good. Have you ever tried to read a document where it is handwriting that is computer generated and supposed to look joined up? It is very difficult!

  • Keep the content short and to the point (and on as few pages as possible) don’t write a ten-page history of your life story.

  • Make sure you use decent quality paper to create your CV online (silly as it sounds if you prepare it on a good grade paper it will be easier to pick up and handle!)

  • You are more than welcome to use our free CV builder to help you create a free CV once you have registered with the site as a job seeker. It is a basic structure, which can be amended and gives a broad outline of the areas you may need to cover. If you don’t want to create your own CV and have some spare money there are some very good (but also very bad) CV writing companies out there who for a reasonable amount will create a CV for you and even give you a free CV review based on the information you give them. It is definitely an area worth considering (and the cost should be considered as an investment in your future rather than a waste of money!) but we would certainly recommend that you look around and check them out first because there are some firms who will take money from you and deliver a poor result.

    So if you are ready to create a CV, using our free CV template, now that we have shown you where to start why not register your details and start putting your ideas together.

    Finally, we provide a great section on interview questions; tips and techniques that you may wish to take a look at before you begin working on your perfect CV template. It covers all aspects of the interview process and has proved very helpful to many of the jobseekers that have found jobs by using our site.

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